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if you value form and style, and are in the business of bringing the future to the present, my talents applied to your marketing objectives could achieve extraordinary results. Here are a few areas I specialize in:


Yahoo Small Business, Amazon eCommerce, WordPress

CBS Radio: 1140 AM KXST Las Vegas Sports; 100.5 FM CBS Las Vegas; 98.5 KLUC; 107.5 KXTE; Mix 94.1, Jack FM; KYDZ, Viva Green

Specialties included producing online, eCommerce, on-air and printed content, studio and remote interviews, live streaming, site growth, social media, audio/video production and online marketing campaigns and registration. Produced, designed, wrote and reviewed tech, sports, news, and music stories.

Graphic Design

Adobe Creative Cloud
Work using visual arts for clients, product packaging, interface design, print making, typography.